Rhythm&Dance Workshops

Our Rhythm&Dance Workshops are an ideal activity for your private or corporate events.

More than just an exciting and entertaining break your guest will enjoy, it is also a true team enforcing and bonding activity.
Dance, rhythmic, and in particular polyrhythmic, works require good listening skills, coordination and cooperation.
Rhythm is the essence, it talks to the body and soul.
For adults, kids or seniors, from absolute beginner to confirmed dancer or drummer, the workshops offers various option:

Metal-Drum + Street Dance Workshop : Experience the power of collective drumming on oil-drums while stomping your feet and more! Lead by one Dance Teacher or more.
(from 1 to 20 participant or more* , , 1 hour workshop**)

Afro-Rhythm&Dance Workshop : Using traditional percussions from Africa , a journey trough rhythm.  Lead by  one or more Afro-Dance Teacher.
(from 1 to 15 participant or more*, 1 hour workshop**)

Cuban Rhythm&Dance Workshop: Enjoy the genuine Cuban congas and percussions ! Lead by  one or more Cuban-Dance Teacher.
(from 1 to 15 participant or more*, 1 hour workshop**)

One or more professional percussionists and seasoned dance teachers will share and practice enlivening rhythms with you, your guest…or both.

*larger workshops can be planned if requested in advance.
**Maximum 3 group-workshop at the same time.

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