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Brigada Shabazz

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Brigada Shabazz

Style : radical groov tech – sexy minimalism – hyper rhythm

Shabazz is the muslim-name of Malcolm-X. The ‘logo’, the target, is the symbol launched by artists and adopted by the whole population in ex-Yugoslavia against Nato-bombings. The slogan of this project is: “Sonic subversion against global capitalist domination”. So here there’s no room for indifference, an often heard reproach against the electro-scene.

Activista (aka X-Pulsed), the man behind Brigada Shabazz, is not exactly a newcomer. End ’95 he launched a maxi-Cd Cycled Dance Activism, with the help of Peter C. of Neven, a swirling mix of techno and speeches of MalcolmX and Castro. Then with the millennium came the subversive “Target” e.p. Even now, those are still grooving on the radiostations.
Although up to now no other recordings had been released, the name continued to appear in the Brussels underground. Also, X is pretty busy with other activities: he is an incredible conga-player and percussionist (Havana Superior Arts Institut Graduated) and as such he’s very much in demand: he played on CDs and concerts of Neven, Groove Cartel, La Chiesa and Glyth; he accompanies DJs like Derrick Carter, Jeff K, Jr.Jack, Eric Powa B, Charles Shilling, Errol Flinn, Morpheus, etc.

[extract from exit-rec promo]
“But then one day, he surprised us not only with a wicked demo full of new Shabazz-music, but also a stunning remix for Glyth (Bulldozer on Redefine Love, a tribute to R. D’Orazio, the trade-union leader who really stood up for the workers of the now closed Clabecq forgeries).
Brigada Shabazz is particular by what you could call the ‘reserved, restrained groove’, which has an alienating and at the time infectuous effect. The sounds are rather dry, somewhat minimalist, whereas the rhythm is exciting and complex. He’s always a percussionist, even when he works with ‘machines’. Maybe this strange paradox can be explained by the fact that he’s a fan of both the rolling machine Front 242 and the joyous sparkling music and rhythms of Cuba.”

Discography :
Cycled Dance Activism – MaxiCD [U@G/Lowlands] (available in our shop)
Target – vinyl [U@G/Exit-rec/PIAS Benelux & PIAS XPort] (available in our shop)

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