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Dalton Drum Syndicate

4 Drummer/ 4 Different Musical Root/ 1 thing in common//
Dalton Drum Syndicate

DDS was founded in 1999. After having jammed on a drum event in a music shop, three of the actual drummers decided to work out something for real.
The band members of DDS all have different musical backgrounds.
Each one of them provided a whole lot of different rhythmic idea’s. After having worked on these idea’s, they became original compositions, with influences of any musical style You can think of.

Collaborations with guest-performers such as Dancers, DJ’s and VJ’s took place, and more will follow in the future.

DDS performed @ a lot of festivals such as:
Cap Sud festival, Tambours de fête Charleville (France),MTV night Belgium, Gentse Feesten,Paulusfeesten, Couleur café festival, Midi Minuit, Bulex parties,Euritmix grand place Brussels, Fête de la musique, Halles de Schaerbeek, Percufolas Le Muy (France), …

DDS also feathered in several TV broadcasts, (Canal+, Event TV, MTV, VTM)

As well as in a short movie by Michael Conti. (see ‘music’)

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